Stephen King Net Worth and Some Interesting Facts

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NET WORTH:500$ Million
Earning Source:Author
Date Of Birth:September 21, 1947
Birth Place:Maine Medical Center, Portland, Maine, United States
Wife:Tabitha King
Height:1.93 m
Last Updated:2020

Stephen King Net Worth

Stephen Edwin King is a very well-known author of horror, fantasy, and supernatural books around the world. He was born on September 21st, 1947 in Portland, Maine. Stephen King height is 1.93m, and his Net Worth in 2020 is exactly 400$ million, this easily makes him one of the richest authors in the world.

Stephen King Early Years:

Stephen King’s father was Donald Edwin King and his mother was Nellie Ruth. Donald and Nellie got married on July 23rd, in Scarborough Maine. Eventually they ended up living with Donald King’s parents in Chicago and then headed off to New York. During World War 2, they moved back to Maine. Stephen King’s father left him when he was only 2 years old, along with his brother David, and mother. This inevitably leads to a difficult life for him and Nellie Ruth, especially financially. They had to depend on their cousins for a time being as well. His mother ended up working at a mentally challenged facility at one point of their life, when King was 11 years old. A train struck King’s friend. The witness was King himself apparently. Which some of his fans believe is the reason for his dark works.

He attended Durham Elementary School and graduated from Lisbon Falls High School. He had a very keen interest in horror books at this age, he was initially inspired by reading EC’S horror comics, which included Tales from the Crypt. Although he only wrote for fun during this time. Published at an early age was one of his writings. King did his Bachelors in Arts and graduated from the University of Maine in 1970.

Stephen King Career:

The very first short story that Stephen King sold was, “The Glass Floor” to Startling Mystery Stories back in 1967. After he graduated from the University of Maine, King did not find a job immediately, due to which he had some ups and downs at the beginning of his career. To avoid major financial crises he sold many short stories to Cavalier, which was a men’s magazine. During this time, Stephen King got fined $250 after being arrested for driving over a traffic cone, and he did not have the amount. But a handsome amount came from his short story ‘The Raft’, which was published in Adam, another men’s magazine, hence he paid the fine easily. After being hired as a teacher at Hampden Academy, he kept writing short stories and started coming up with fresh ideas for novels.

Stephen King Family

On January 2nd, 1971, Stephen King married the novelist and philanthropic activist, Tabitha Spruce. King and his wife have three children, one daughter and two sons, who also got married, and so King also has four grandchildren. Their daughter, Naomi, works at a Unitarian Universalist Church located in Florida with her female partner. Kings sons, Owen King and Joseph King are both authors as well. King and his wife spend time in three of their houses, all of which are located in separate countries, which are, Maine, Mexico, and Florida.

Stephen King Movies and Earnings:

Although Stephen King is mostly known for the crippling horror novels he writes, the movies that were directed of those books have made him even more famous. So, all his movies have been adaptations of his work in his novels. One of his most famous movies is ‘Carrie’, a story of a young girl with supernatural abilities. This movie released in 1967 was his number one. The ‘Shaw shank Redemption’ was nominated for seven Oscars. Kathy Bates, won an Oscar for Best Actress in the movie ‘Misery’ in 1990. The movie ‘IT‘ had a remake in 2017. ‘The Shining’ is one of the most horror movies of all time to this day.

Stephen King’s movies have been a huge source of his earnings. He made 2 billion dollars in 2017, and by now it had increased. He released 57 novels, which were bestseller, making his books even better. Other than selling 350 million copies of his works, he earns around $40 million every year. Although he does not earn as much as J.K Rowling, this easily makes him one of the richest writers in the world.  It’s no surprise that Stephen King net worth at this point is 400$ million

Stephen King Social Media Accounts:

Stephen King is mostly active on the social media website, Twitter. King did not like the privacy concerns of Facebook, so he deleted his account. He may seem to have an Instagram account, but he barely even uses it.

Stephen King Movies Directed/Produced/Written:

As mentioned previously, Stephen King has written all the movies that have come out in his name. King has a lot of bestselling books, which is why he had so much earning. Although he has written all the books that the movies were adapted by, he has directed one movie during 1986, which was ‘Maximum Overdrive’. This movie did not get a lot of attention, and Stephen King himself agreed that this was a learning experience for him.  He did not take any directing works again.

Stephen King Controversy and Scandals:

One of the biggest scandals in King’s life was probably his alcohol abuse, during 1974, when his mother passed away. Another controversy that took place was this year over the remake of his book ‘IT’, where there was a child orgy scene that ended up being too disturbing to watch for some of the viewers. To this, King responded with, “Times have changed since I wrote that scene and there is now more sensitivity to those issues.”King deleted his Facebook account, and ended up in another controversy. He said that Facebook did not protect user privacy, and it gave out misinformation to everyone. So yes, King has had his fair share of problems, before and after he made his career in writing novels. But, this has never defamed him enough for people to stop reading his thrilling books, or watching his movies.

Stephen King Philanthropy or Social Activism:

Stephen King donates approximately $4 million yearly to libraries, local fire departments, schools and some organizations that are concerned with art. King and his wife have their foundation, which grants $2.8 million per year. During November 2011, their foundation donated $70,000 to families to help them pay heating bills during the winter of Maine. King is a huge political activist. He has taken part in many political rallies and has made announcements regarding various political issues throughout his life. Such as, in 2011, there was a political rally at Sarasota, and he spoke against Governor Rick Scott, opposing the so-called ‘Tea Party’ movement.

King published a comment on ‘The Daily Beast’ in 2012, claiming that rich Americans should be paying more taxes, including him. King ended up offending many Americans, and had to end this issue. Hence, Stephen King has had his fair share of problems all his life, but he has looked at many more important things in his life, and has never let it affect his writing career.


Stephen King has been one of the most influential, and famous authors in the world with a net worth of 400$ million. Due to the remakes, his books and movies have been seen by many generations. Even after his parent’s demise, and facing a few struggles, he made a family of his own. He did not let anything stop him from pursuing his passion, which was writing. He earned a lot from all his bestselling novels, and eventually movies. His fans have looked up to him all his life, despite the issues that have followed him.


Q: What Is The Net Worth Of Stephen King?

Ans: He Has A Net Worth Of 400$ Million.

Q: How Much Does Stephen King Make Per Book?

Ans: Stephen king earns 40 million per year from his books.

Q: How Much Does Stephen King Make From Movies?

Ans: Stephen king earns upto 56 million dollars.

Q: Is JK Rowling The Richest Author?

Ans: J.K Rowling is the richest author in the world.

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