Akon Net Worth And Some Interesting Facts

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NET WORTH:100$ Million
Earning Source:Singer And Writer
Date Of Birth:April 16, 1973
Birth Place:St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Wife:Tomeka Thiam
Height:1.8 m
Last Updated:2020

Akon Net Worth :

Bewitching the voice of Akon makes his career worthy of a net worth $100 million. When the enthralling sound of the Akon fills the space around you, it catches up the bending lights and shadows all the way, just like the mesmerizing of the falling snow and flames.

Akon Early Life And Career

To get the precise and latest details about Akon’s early life and career, today’s net worth, personal growth, height, weight, and awards lists here, you are at the right sill to know all.

His early life, like others, includes the birth time and family background. Well for your knowledge the real name of Akon is Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam; who born on April 16, 1973, in St. Louis to a Muslim family.

Significantly he spent childhood in Senegal-his home town. However, his father, Mor Thiam, was a percussionist. While his mother, Kine Gueye Thiam, was a dancer. From his mother, he inherited the music passion for love. In childhood, he learned to play the drum, guitar, and djembe. At this time, no one knew that Akon would be such a hit celebrity with this little interest.

He attended William L. Dickinson High School in Jersey City. When he was of seven years, he had been to Union City and New Jersey. In New Jersey, he had problems with other children, and his parents decided to leave him with his brother on their own.

Afterwards, parents moved forward to Atlanta with the rest of the family. The career of this famous rapper consists of multiple fields of media like he is a famous American singer as well as a songwriter. Also, he is a record producer and entrepreneur. Even if you scratch down the actors’ list and philanthropists, he is among the top ones. So, now you can understand why Akon is a very famous singer with a net worth of 100$ Million.

Akon Wife And Family

Akon’s beloved wife’s name is Tomeka Thiam, to whom he is officially married. In reality, he has six children, from three women.

Tomeka and Akon spend 24 years together for a long time ago.

Akon Height And Age

Akon is 46 years old. If you are anxious about his height, then you will be surprised to know that he is 1.8m in height. More, his present weight is 78 Kg.

Akon Famous Songs

Akon’s work of music body with the Konnection, Trouble, Konvicted and Freedom as well as El Negreeto. His fame time started in 2004 with the release of his single (Locked Up) from debut album Trouble. Remarkably he is the pioneer of “Konvict Muzik” and Kon live Distribution.  Moreover, he is rocking the World as the best singing hooker with famous songs and albums.

Akon Controversy And Scandals

Along with loads of awards, Akon also has a hit controversy and scandal. During The Smack That singer, he performed a sexy sequence with 14 years old Alleyne at a gig on April 12 to prompt the prime minister of Caribean country to order an investigation of incident formally. And in a statement, Akon apologized for this act on stage, which he did unintentionally. He said sorry for that to that girl and family. He also mentioned that for this reason club is restricted for not admitting under 18 audiences.

Akon Has A Massive Net Worth Of 100$ Million.

Akon Philanthropy/Social Activist

Generosity is a powerful force for social change.

Apart from this, social activism deals with social actions to meet the goals of social justice energetically through cause and workouts to the new change.

Akon has a great desire to be the promoter of the welfare of others.

However, Akon Lighting Africa in 2014 that proves him Philanthropy. Also, he launched the charity with the name of the “Konfidence Foundation.”

Nevertheless, this deed of him again stands him unique in his personality to be benevolent and generous.

Further, he is working for the building of a tourist city with the Senegalese government. Currently, it is under development and will be the first 100% crypto-based city with a cryptocurrency-based economy. Uniqueness in his plan is that the whole trading in this country will be exclusive with “Akoin,” which is Akon’s digital cash.

Akon Social Media Accounts

No matter you want to see him through Face book,  Instagram or Twitter, he has all accounts. Plus, he has many phony media connections. The entire social media activity of this celebrity is simple through all social media accounts and billboards. Freely you may go for any that appeals to you most.

Akon Earning Sources

Amount of money as a source of income makes the Akon the star on media not only due to his singing and production but due to his “Great net worth.”

The portion of his income is from singing, endorsements, business, and tours. Years from his career, he empowered himself with a lot of revenue. By 2008 his net worth was $12 million which is not a small amount at all.

Now Akon is earning more than $120,000 per show, and his annual salary is 20 million dollars per year almost. Luckily with the passage of time, his rate is increasing and so his income too. Moreover, his source of earning involves his diamond mine in South Africa. Though he owns the partially the diamond mine, it adds hugely to his origins.

But good is that the earning from this diamond mine becomes the regular financial support for weak and unprivileged children. He used to donate the maximum profit from mine to the needy people. Akon is a generous millionaire rapper!

A lot of money he gathered from his tours from different regions of the World. His hit tours include Dar Es Salaam, Konvicted Tour, The Sweet Escape Tour in 2007 with Gwen Stefani.

Akon is 43 rd in Top Richest rappers as of 2020 with a net worth of $100 million.

In December 2008, he went with Rihana to “Good girl has gone bad tour.” Similarly, he did Konvict Muzik Tour with T-Pain in 2009. Even he had Summer Tour in 2010 and OMG Tour in 2011. Along with these hit tours, he is still busy with other visits to be more wealthy and active.  Akon is a model businessman with two well-known record labels Konvict Muzik and Kon Live Distribution.

Akon Lifestyle & House

Presently he is living a lavish life with an extremely posh lifestyle. In this direction, he is living in the posh area of Atlanta, with 15,000 feet property. Yes, it’s very modern and stylish with all the comforts.

This massive villa is with six bedrooms and bathrooms with sunroof, which covers with expensive glass. Yet the living room is grand and elegant. In the same way, the tempting modern bar area in the dining room and mansion is marvellous.

The uniqueness of his property let him be with two sound guest houses where each guest lives with leisures.

To the fun of life, there are indoor and outdoor pools. Moreover, he used to have recreation with tennis and basketball balls. Like other luxuries, he has many beasts to enjoy the ride.

He loves to ride over Porsche Panamera, Roadstar, and a Ferrari 458. Even Lamborghini Gallardo, a Lamborghini Murcielago, is no more out of his range. Spyker C8 is also a class of expensive car which he owns to ride any time.


So, Akon is an ideal singer, rapper, actor, and businessman who is leading all over the WorldWorld with his mind-blowing potentials to meet the high-class quality workouts. Standing among the top list of millionaires, he is kind and loving with poor and lowly kids.

Moreover, his distinctive and intellectual thought of the crypto-based economy for tourist city Senegalese is another competence of him.

Akon is the great man with a net worth of $100 million to entertain all of you not only with songs, movies, and albums, etc. but with his liberal and versatile thinking.


Q: How much money does Akon make a year?

Ans: He earns 20 million dollars per year.

Q: How much did Akon give to Africa?

Ans: He spends one billion dollars to Africa’s finance, and that was not an easy task for him.

Q: Who is Akon married to?

Ans: He married to Tomeika Thiam.

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