Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth And Some Interesting Facts About His Life

NET WORTH:55$ Million
Earning Source:Television Host
Date Of Birth:November 13, 1967
Birth Place:Brooklyn, New York, United States
Wife:Molly McNearney
Height:1.83 m tall
Last Updated:2020

Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth

James Christian Kimmel who is now famous as Jimmy Kimmel has a net worth of $55 million at the moment. Jimmy Kimmel is a famous comedian, a television show host, a writer and a producer. As of now, Jimmy Kimmel is famous as a host of the late-night talk show game. Without a doubt, it’s him and his extraordinary hosting skills that the show is all ramped up with a massive audience all around the globe.

Just like all the other celebrities, Jimmy Kimmel had his fair share of struggles and hardships. His career started right when he was still in high school. He worked as an RJ on the radio station at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. After a few years of working as an RJ, in the year 1990, Kimmel joined the Comedy Central channel.

He decided to run his TV show and in 2003 Kimmel started his show, called “Jimmy Kimmel Live! The show fell victim to several different scandals. The show went off in 2004 when Jimmy made a statement about the NBA. Overall, people respect Jimmy Kimmel all around the globe. 

Jimmy Kimmel Early Life And Career

James Christian Kimmel was born to Joan and James John Kimmel in 1967. Born in Brooklyn, Jimmy grew in the neighborhood of Mill Basin. Kimmel had two more siblings but he was the eldest. His parents raised him as a catholic. He also served in the altar. His mother possesses Italian ancestry and his great grandparents were German immigrants. You can guess where he gets all his good looks from!

Jimmy’s family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. He then continued his education there in Nevada. Kimmel went to Ed W. Clark High School and later he joined the University Of Nevada in Las Vegas. Later he went to Arizona State University for two years.In 2013, Jimmy received an honorary degree from UNLV. 

Jimmy Kimmel started his career as a radio host. He used to host The Me and Him Show as an RJ. During this time, he also worked for KCMJ Palm Springs, WRBQ-FM, Tampa along with KROQ-FM Los Angeles. Jimmy became a part of Comedy Central in 1997. He later found out “comedy” to be his ultimate passion.  

He appeared in the Win Ben Stein’s Money Show on the Comedy Central channel. After a few years of constant struggle, he left Comedy Central in 2001 and shifted to The Man Show till 2003. This is when his career started when he left The Man Show and started his show on ABC late-night talk show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. It’s interesting to know that Kimmel is still hosting that show to date. This just isn’t it. Kimmel has hosted several other shows like the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards and the 90th Academy Awards.  Jimmy Kimmel Enjoys a huge net worth of 55$ Million. 

Jimmy Kimmel Wife And Family

Kimmel has been through a lot of ups and downs in his personal life. He has had several relationships and it all started when he married Gina Maddy in 1988. Gina and Kimmel parted ways in 2002. He has two children from that marriage. Kimmel again fell in love in 2002 with Sarah Silverman. The love didn’t last long and they both broke up in 2009. However, luck knocked on his door once again and he fell in love with Molly McNearney. They married in 2003. Molly is the current co-writer of the Jimmy Kimmel Live. They both have two children as of today.

Jimmy Kimmel Height And Age

As of today, Jimmy Kimmel is 52 years old. He was born on 13th November in 1967. He weighs 70kg and he is 1.83 m tall.

Jimmy Kimmel Weight Loss Journey

Kimmel used to be a chunky guy back then but now he has transformed himself into a handsome man with a slim and sleek figure. In an interview, Kimmel told how he followed the 5:2 diet to lose 25 pounds. He started by replacing two meals of his day with protein shakes and then had a controlled portion of dinner. Things worked for Kimmel with the 5:2 diet where he used to have less than 500 calories for two days and then the next 5 days, he had all the food he wanted to eat. As of now, he weighs 70 kg and he has been maintaining that weight for a long time now.

Jimmy Kimmel Struggles And Hardships

Just like any other celebrity, Kimmel has always had his fair share of problems. People fired him from various media jobs in the start of his career. His career used to be a disaster in the early days. His first marriage crumbled because according to Kimmel, they were both too young. He was 20 when he married Maddy. On top of everything else, Kimmel’s son, William John Kimmel was born with serious heart disease. Right after his birth, he had to go through a 3 hour long open heart surgery. Jimmy told in his show that those 3 hours were probably the longest 3 hours of his life. His son as of now is completely healthy and fine.

Jimmy Kimmel Controversy And Scandals

People respect Kimmel all around the world. There haven’t been many scandals or controversies about him. Only there was this one time when a joke on Jimmy Kimmel Live turned into a protest. He interviewed and pre-taped the session with a group of children regarding the fact that the US gave $1 trillion-plus debt to China. When asked about how the federal government should relieve that debt, a kid replied: “Kill everyone in China”.

Later, Jimmy tried to expand this idea by talking to the kids about it. This was the tape that led to a protest by a group of 80 people who filed a complaint against the show and the statement made by Jimmy. The Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s network, ABC then sent an apology letter and took care of the whole situation.


Jimmy Kimmel is one of the best comedians and hosts and there’s absolutely no doubt in this fact. He is a great dad who is quite strict about spending his time with his family. He is one loving husband with a wife working by his side on his show and he is a great social activist too. With his skills, his scandal-less life, his ability to make everyone laugh, Jimmy has earned the respect of all of his fans and celebrity friends. Jimmy Kimmel net worth of $55 million speaks of his success and he deserves it.


Q1.How Much Does Jimmy Kimmel Make Per Show?

Jimmy Kimmel is one of the top four highest-paid late-night show hosts but it’s difficult to guess what he earns per show. Currently, jimmy kimmel net worth as of 2020 is $55 million.

Q2.How Much Does Jimmy Kimmel Make A Year?

Kimmel makes $15 million per year with his show. Other than this, he keeps hosting different Oscars and other award shows which of course adds up to the $15 million figure.

Q3.Who Jimmy Kimmel Is Married To?

Ans: Jimmy Kimmel is married to Molly McNearney. She is a co-writer of Jimmy’s show. Not just this but Molly also is a human rights activist popular for advocating children’s healthcare.

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