Why 3D Printing is Perfect for Medical Applications?

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This modern era is the time of science and technology. Everything is being replaced with something better and reliable. 3D printing is one among numerous inventions of technology that has changed the fate of medical field.  

3D printing has not only increased the effectiveness of the treatment, doctor patient relationship, comfort and ease but also helped the healthcare field to develop in all domains.

Here we will take a look of how 3D printing is benefiting us via making progress in the field of medicine.

1. Surgical Preparation

3D printing has played a significant role in the field of surgery. It enables replication of specific organs that helps doctors to prepare well before the real operation. Organ replication also helps medical students to clarify their concepts and become successful doctors in their futures. 

3D printing is many times better, effective, economic and accurate than just viewing x rays, CT scans and MRIs. 3D printing has not only increased effectiveness of treatment and reduced treatment cost but it has also minimized patient trauma.

2. Prostheses

Traditional methods of making and inserting prosthetic limbs is a very expensive and painful method. 3D printing has played a major role in the development of prosthetic limbs for helping the war affected victims, natural disaster survivors or people who have encountered accidents etcetera. Prosthetic limbs made by 3D printing ensures that these limbs are accurate and exactly the same size as needed to fit in properly. 

Prosthetic limbs made through 3D printing increases the effectiveness of the treatment as well as patient satisfaction. It decreases discomfort and treatment price.

3. Dental

3D printing has also shown its mark in the field of dentistry. It has allowed effective development of braces, dental restorations, crowns, bridges , denture frameworks and bases. All these facilities has been made cost effective, accurate and helpful for patients in recovering. 3D printing reduces the wait time as printing does not require much time. The treatment controlled plan increases the efficiency of treatment.

4. 3D Printing of Tissues and Organs

3D printing had made tissue replacement and organs transplantation even more easy by allowing accurate 3D printing of tissues and organs. Furthermore, 3D printing resolves all ethical and moral issues that may come in the way of old transplant methods. In addition to increasing the effectiveness of the treatment, 3D printing has allowed customization of organs and made the treatment results more obvious by utilizing patient’s own cells for the treatment. It is because of 3D printing that 

Skin tissue repair and reconstruction, limb replacement, kidney transplant, and heart transplant, bone and muscle repair, orthopaedic implants etcetera has become more easier, effective and economical.
3D printing has also promoted research work such as regarding the procedure behind the growth of tumours.

5. Medication Dosage and Pharmacology

Contributions of 3D printing in the field of medication and pharmacology are also off the mark. 3D printed pills for patients who take multiple drugs has eased the lives of patients. Instead of taking so many medicines one after the other at the same rime1, the patients can now have only one pill that contains multiple pills. This concept is called polypill and it is being tested for patients with diabetes. It also help resolve issues regarding drug interaction. Polypill eradicates the exhaustive monitoring of drug intake when their medications have different schedules. Polypill is very effective, convenient and cost friendly for the people belonging to a poor background or are of developing countries.

6. Manufacturing of Medical Tools and Devices

3D printing has enabled the duplication of surgical tool such as forceps, haemostats, scalpel handles and clamps, and other sterile tools. 3D printing ensures that the surgical tools made by this process are more sterile and cost ten times lesser than stainless steel tool equivalents. 3D printing has also made rapid replacement of tools possible. 

Now you now world is developing so speedily. Technology is making life easier and reliable. 3D printing is one among numerous wonders of technology. It has left no field with it’s mark missing on it. 3D printing has helped in designing tools in different shaped to make surgeries more effective. It is playing a very significant role in healthcare industry, increasing patient satisfaction, treatment effectiveness and better understanding for the doctor. 

It has also made treatments cost effective so every individual benefit from its contributions. The role played by 3D printing is undeniable. We appreciate the efforts of technologists for introducing such technologies that ensures a better, brighter and healthy future.

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