Top 5 Universities for Law Degree in the USA

The USA has many of the highest-ranked academic and research institutions in the world.  Law Schools are one of the best academic offerings of US. The US entry-level Law degree is professional making it a close equivalent. to a graduate degree in most of the other places. Around 50 top American universities have been ranked in the top 100 law institutes of the world by the QS Law Rankings in 2020. 

 The top 5 US universities for Law degrees are discussed below. 

Yale University

Yale Law School is a highly ranked Ivy League school preparing one. of the best law graduates. The university employs a modern teaching and grading technique where traditional grades are not used anymore. Rather, a general grading scheme of honours, pass, low pass, credit and failure. The student to faculty ratio is also quite close providing keen and equal attention for all the students and their academic requirements. The students may also choose their subjects and courses relevant to their degree based on what they find better for their professional aptitudes.  Students can also benefit from the 20 legal clinics in the institute for real-time practice. 

Stanford University

Stanford University ranks 5th in the world rankings and second-best Law school in the US for 2021. The university is stated to have the lowest student to staff ratio in the country. The students have a large variety of professional subjects to choose from including basic core subjects for the initial year in addition to various specialization courses including academic and professional both. Above 250 courses are provided to students for specialisation which is a huge plus for their professional careers. The university also offers membership to a variety of student organizations for co-curricular activities linked to the discipline while also being affiliated with 12 legal journals.  

Harvard University

Harvard is one of the oldest educational institutions in the USA. The university has remained one of the top institutes in all the disciplines it offers, especially for its Law school. The Harvard Law School is a high research output which starts training its students for the real-time legal practices in the initial period of their degrees. The older students can also use their practical skills in the Harvard Law School legal clinics.  The university also provides a Low Income Protection Plan to aid the students. 

Columbia University

This American university is also an Ivy League college providing high-end research output since ages. The Law school of Columbia University is distinguished to provide excellent professional training in legal degrees including a noted speciality in the Corporate law program. The alumni of this school are stated to work in the top American law firms. The university also caters to a variety of people from all over the world, encouraging diversity of students. 

New York University

New York University is a highly ranked school for the quality of its research, innovation and the specializations it offers. The institute is famous for the employability of its students given their effective training. The law school of NYU provides a highly interactive set up to the students for polishing their legal practice skills through its 30 legal clinics across the campus. Students can also take part in its more than 50 student organizations for a beautiful and effective learning experience. 

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