Roy Bittan Net Worth And Our Take On The Life of Professor

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NET WORTH$40 million
Earning SourceAmerican keyboardist
Date Of BirthJuly 2, 1949
Birth PlaceRockaway Beach, New York, United States
WifeAmy Bittan
Last Updated2023

Roy Bittan Net Worth

Roy Bittan is the most famous pianist, known for his band E Street Band. His unique talent at the piano also earned him a spot at the Rock n Roll Hall of fame in 2015. Due to his talent, his nickname was The Professor of the band. Apart from working in the band, Roy has also played as a solo musician.  Roy Bittan is in the top famous pianist cand, so he has a net worth of $40 million. 

Roy Bittan Biography:

He was born on 2nd July 1949 in New York City. His passion for music came later in his life during the 1970s. Roy Bittan joined the E Street Band in 1974 to try something new. In his band, he was known as the professor because he was the only one with higher education. In 1975, Roy performed in the Born to Run album of the band, which was an immediate success. Due to this success, Roy decided to pursue a career in the music industry permanently. Due to a unique combination of Roy’s riffs, the E Street Band was famous for the signature melody. Meanwhile, you can check Grace Potter Net Worth

Roy Bittann Marriage:

Roy Bittan found love in 1980 when he met Amy Anderson. The couple hit it off immediately, and within one year of dating, Roy proposed to Amy. The couple married in July 1981 in New York. They stayed married for few years but mutually decided to get a divorce. 

In 1997, Roy Bittan found love again when he started dating Susan Alyce. The couple dated for three years. Roy Bittan married Susan in 2000 in New York. 

Roy Bittan Age:

The musician is currently 70 years old and will turn 71 in July 2020. 

Roy Bittan Social Media Accounts:

Roy Bittan has a social media account on twitter by the username @RoyBittan. He also has an Instagram account by the name @Roybittan11. 

Roy Bittan Famous Songs:

Roy Bittan is one of the wealthiest musicians in the US. This is mainly because of his successful career in the E Street Band. 

  • Bat out of Hell: The album released in 1977. It was an instant hit due to the exclusive performance of Roy Bittan. Due to his success and talent, Jim Steinman immediately wanted to sign a deal with him. 
  • Bella Donna: this album was a part of the debut album of Steve Kicks in 1981. At that time, the auidence loved the album and labeled it as number one in the United States. He also went on a world tour with Steve Kicks and continued to be the musician on tour. 
  • Out of the Box: Roy Bittan released his solo album in 2014 after taking a massive break from the music industry. The fans were over the moon, and the album instantly became part of the top ten Billboards 100. 


The career of Roy Bittan teaches us that no matter how long it takes, you should find your passion. It took Roy some time to make his way in the music industry, but it was all worth it in the end. 


Q: Where Does Roy Bittan Live?

Ans: Roy Bittan Was Born In Rockaway Beach, New York, United States.

Q: How Much Is Roy Bittan Worth?

Ans: Roy Bittan Has A Worth Of 40$ Million

Q: How Old Is Roy Bittan?

Ans: Roy Bittan Is 74 Years Old

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