Jim Carrey Net Worth And Some Interesting Facts In 2020

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Net Worth$150 million
Earning SourceComedian And Actor
Date Of BirthJanuary 17, 1962
Birth PlaceNewmarket, Canada
WifeLauren Holly (1996-1997) And Melissa Womer (1987-1995)
Height1.88 m
Last Updated2020

Jim Carrey Net Worth

James Eugene Carrey, or Jim Carrey, has a net worth of $150 million. Jim Carrey is the king of slapstick comedy in the film industry. Apart from a comedic actor, he is also a writer and an artist. Jim Carrey has always been best at playing comedy roles. Even so that his first breakthrough role was also in a comedic TV series ‘In Living Color.’ The show itself was not a success, but Jim Carrey managed to make the right audience laugh! After that, he was able to bag himself the role we all know him for. Lloyd Christmas of ‘Dumb and Dumber!’

The Kingpin of comedy: Jim Carrey lives a comfortable yet humble life with a massive net worth of $150 million. What many people don’t know about the actor is that it didn’t start his way for him. Jim had to struggle a lot for standup comedy shows. He was his writer, producer, and actor. Jim initially worked as the opening acts of several famous comedians. And he later worked his way up to the top. That when he realized that his act was not only comedic to listen to. But he was also visually funny!

Furthermore, His talent made him try acting as a career, and we all know how the story turned out to be. The most exciting fact about Jim is that it was his serious role in ‘The Truman Show’ that got him a golden globe award. Not his usual comedic roles. The award shows how versatile Jim Carrey’s acting is.

Jim Carrey Early Life And Career

James Carrey was born on January 17, 1962, in Canada. What is exciting is that Jim’s love for music came from his mother. She was an accountant and a musician. At the age of 10, Jim had worked up his impressions act doing 150 voices. The young comedian was so excited that he emailed his resume to Carol Burnett. His father was very supportive of the actor and helped him with his initial acts. During his childhood, Jim and his family were poor. Because of this, he and his brother had to work as janitors. It was his 16th birthday when Jim decided to start his career as a standup comedian.

At the age of 19, Jim decided to pursue his career in acting. For this, he moved to Hollywood in 1983. But it was not until 1990 that he got his first lead role in a TV series ‘In Living Color.’ His performance of 4 years in this show landed him with a lot of opportunities. 1994 was a successful year for Jim. During the year, he got a leading role in 3 movies; Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dumb and Dumber, and The Mask. What is interesting is that all 3 of these movies were box office hits! His performance in The Mask also landed him with his first Golden Globe Award nomination.

1998 was yet another successful year in Jim’s career. His movie ‘The Truman Show’ was a box office hit, making $264.1 million. Jim Carrey’s serious role in Truman Show and Man on Moon earned him Golden Globe awards.

Jim Carrey Personal Life And Family

The love life of Jim Carrey has been quite a train ride. In March 1987, the actor met actress and waiter Melissa Womer, and the two instantly started dating. After six months of the relationship. The couple welcomed their newly born daughter Jane Erin Carrey. Jim Carrey was only 25 at the birth of his daughter and was a grandfather at the age of 47. The couple soon got married, but things weren’t as smooth after that. So the couple got divorced in 1995, after six years of marriage.

Only a year later, Jim found love again in 1995. Jim married his Dumb and Dumber co-star Lauren Holly. But the controversy stroked that Holly was somehow involved in Carrey’s first divorce. And soon, the negative press was too much for the newlywed couple, and the tension started to brew. So the couple ended their marriage in less than a year. After this, Jim went on a break and finally started dating again in 1999. He went out with his Me, Myself, and Irene co-star Renee Zellweger. After one year of dating, the couple separated in 2000.

The most high profile relationship of Jim was in 2005. He started dating the famous model and host Jenny McCarthy. But after five years, the couple broke off in 2010. After this from 2012-2015, Jim was in an on and off relationship with Catriona White. White later committed suicide. The doctors said that she was going through depression. It took Jim 3 years to recover, but in 2019, he started dating again. He went out with Ginger Gonzaga, and the two came together at the red carpet of Golden Globes Awards.

Jim Carrey Hobbies, Height and Weight:

After his career on the big screen, Jim carried on with his hobby of painting. And in 2017, he made a short film, “I Needed Color’ where he expressed his deep desire and passion for art.

Jim Carrey is 6ft and 1.5inch tall and weighs 82kg. Jim Carrey lives in a beautiful mansion located in Santa Monica. He also owns a lavish penthouse in New York City from where the actor can enjoy the famous skyline.

Jim Carrey Famous Movies:

Jim Carrey has a net worth of $150 million speaks of his success. The actor pulls off remarkably funny roles that would have otherwise be dumb and ridiculous.

1) The Truman Show: When we talk about the tremendous acting skills of Jim Carrey, The Truman show is on the top. Jim’s performance in the movie earned him a golden globe award. The film had a budget of only $60 million and ended up making $264.1 million in the box office. And the movie got positive reviews from the critics.

The critics praised Jim Carrey the most. They called his performance to be quite enjoyable and something that brings life to the clever plot of Christof.

2) Dumb and Dumber: When we talk about the 90’s funny classics, nothing beats this movie. The critics highly praised Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels’ acting by saying, ‘the quick actions of the two main actors made the plot funnier.’ The film went on to make $247 million in the box office with only a budget of 17 million! And what makes it so great is its timeless plot. Even two decades after, the movie still cracks the kids up with its impressionist humor.

3) The Mask: The earnings of the movie speak of its success. With a budget of only$23 million, the film made $351 million worldwide! According to the critics, this movie solidified Jim Carrey’s presence as the most famous actor of the ’90s. The movie got positive reviews. And many fans praised Jim’s acting as the best of ’90s. Most importantly, the first Golden Globe Award Jim Carrey received was for this movie.

Jim Carrey Controversy and Lawsuits:

Jim Carrey has had a share of his controversial activities and following lawsuits. After the death of his girlfriend Catriona White, White’s husband, Brigid Sweetman, filed a lawsuit against Carrey. And he blamed Carrey for providing White with illegal amounts of drugs and giving her sexually transmitted diseases. He also accused Carrey of being the reason for White’s depression. The defendant dropped the lawsuit in January 2018. And the attorney of both sides claimed that there would be no more legal proceedings. 

In 2011, Carrey released a weird video concerning actress Emma Stone. The video was a profession of love for the actress. He told a 23-year-old actress that he loved her, wanted to marry her and have kids with her. Even though the video was passed around as a joke, many people still considered it bizarre. In 2019, the actor made it to the social media controversy again. However, Jim Carrey took a fun way too far and made an inappropriate comment on Margot Robbie. The incident happened during the Graham Norton Show. 

The most significant controversy that Jim Carrey came under was related to politics. In 2018, Jim tweeted an embarrassing photo of someone who looked a lot like White House Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The caption for the picture was even more controversial as he accused Sanders of being an unholy Christian who lies for the corrupt people of the white House. However, Jim Carrey never cleared whether the picture was for Sanders or not.


The life of Jim Carrey was full of hardships. But that never stopped the actor from pursuing his dreams. Because as they say, ‘To live is to live your dreams!’ So what is it really that made him the Kingpin of comedy? It was his real dedication to go for his dream. To work towards your real talent is what makes a person succeed. This is the lesson we all learn from Jim Carrey’s successful career. Even the problems of life did not stop Jim to pursue his career in stand up comedy. And today, Jim Carrey net worth of $150 million speaks of his success!


Q1. What Is The Net Worth Of Jim Carrey?

Ans. He has a Net Worth of $150 million.

Q2. What Is Jim Carrey’s Salary?

Ans. Jim Carrey’s films have grossed a billion dollars on the box office. And so for the movie Yes Man! Jim Carrey earned a payday of $32 million, which was 36% of the movie’s back end profits.

Q3. What Is Jim Carrey’s Real name?

Ans. James Eugene Carrey is the real name of Jim Carrey

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