Beau Willimon Net Worth And His Journey On House Of Cards In 2020

NET WORTH: $10 million
Age: 42
Earning Source: Playwright And Screenwriter
Date Of Birth: October 26, 1977
Birth Place: Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Wife: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Gender: Male
Last Updated: 2020


Beau Willimon Net Worth

Pack Beauregard Willimon is a creative writer, famous for House of Cards. Due to the success of his script, he also invited to be the showrunner for the top series. Apart from this, he also wrote another whole new genre in 2018. Hulu selected his script for The First. And the show appeared on TV in late 2018. His fans and friends call him by the nick Beau. Beau Willimon has earned a net worth of $10 million. This net worth is due to his fantastic work on The House of Cards.

Beau Willimon Early Life And Career:

Beau Willimon was born on 27 October 1977 in St. Louis. Since his father was a navy captain, their family travelled a lot. This is where Beau’s talent to write stories came from. Due to his love for arts, he joined Columbia University to get a BA in visual arts. During his last year, he got a job in the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and later Howard Dean’s. Due to this, he decided to write his first play ‘Farragut North’ on the real events of his political career.

His first play was adopted by Broadway several times. It was converted into a movie in 2011 by the name ‘The Ides of March.’ The film got selected for the Academy Awards and 4 Golden Globe Awards as the best screenplay and Best Picture drama. Ryan Reynolds was in the cast of this play. Click Here Check Net Worth Of Ryan Reynolds

Beau Willimon House of Cards and Controversy:

In 2012, Beau decided to join the team of House of Cards. He once again drew from his knowledge about the politicians and brought together a fantastic play. Beau mainly based the character of Kevin Spacey same as Howard Dean. He was the writer and showrunner for four seasons of the show. But he decided to leave the crew in 2016.

During the start of 2017, the crew accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault against many crew members of the set. When Beau stated about this, he ignored all these claims. But later the fans blamed Beau for hiding Kevin’s crimes. And he came under fire and received many harsh comments on social media. To clear this, Beau released a post on his social media in which he discredited Kevin Spacey.

Beau Willimon Height, Age, Weight:

The writer is currently 42 years old and will turn 43 in October 2020. He is 5 ft 9 inches tall.

Beau Willimon Social Media Accounts:

Beau Willimon actively uses social media accounts to update his fans about his painting hobby. He is present on twitter by the username @BeauWillimon and on Instagram as @beauwillimon.


‘Draw your writing from your experience’ is the lesson we learn from Beau’s career. His work during 2000-2004 in the political campaigns helped him in creating one of the best plays in the history of drama. It’s true what people say, talent, along with experience, makes you successful. And this is why Beau was able to earn a net worth of $10 million. 

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