Amazing Johnathan Net Worth And Tour Of The Amazing Backstory

NET WORTH: $15 million
Age: 61
Earning Source: Comedian
Date Of Birth: September 9, 1958
Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, United States
Wife: Anastasia Synn
Height: 1.88 m
Gender: Male
Last Updated: 2020

Amazing Johnathan Net Worth

For a comedian, the net worth of $15 million is great. John Edward is the famous comedian who goes by the stage name Amazing Johnathan. Even though his fans think his humor as dark, but he was the Freddy Kruger of comedy. Just like others, his initial career days were hard. He had to work for free in the streets of LA to test out his material. In 1983 he began his comedy from the 8th Young Comedians Show. TK Carter is another comedian who started young. Click here to read all about TK Carter net worth. It took Johnathan ten years to be famous again, but in 1991 he got the role in The Weird Al Show. And from there, his career began. With a successful career, Amazing Johnathan currently has a net worth of $15 million and is one of the wealthiest comedians alive.

Amazing Johnathan Biography:

John Edward was born on 9 September 1958 in the US. He began his career by performing on the streets. But he received the role to host a small show by the name Ruckus. From there, he got the attention and joined the team of The Weird Al Show. Similarly, after this, John performed on several nights shows from 1990 to 2000. These earned him three interview performances in the David Letterman Show.

During 2000, John had huge success in Australia. And for this, he received a separate TV slot for the show ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday.’ In 2008 John started his comedy club by the name of Amazing Underground. But this club soon turned into a huge success and became into a theatre for comedy.

Amazing Johnathan Weight, Age, Height:

John is currently 61 years old and will turn 62 in September 2020. He is 6 ft 2 inches tall, which is approximately 1.88m.

Amazing Johnathan Social Media Accounts:

The Amazing Johnathan is not very active on social media but has an account on Instagram by the name @theamazingjohannathan and twitter by the name @theamazingj.

Amazing Johnathan Personal Life:

Just before the setup of the Amazing Underground, doctors told John that he had severe heart disease. Due to this, he was on several medicines for thinning the blood, but it made him lose weight. During 2017, his condition became worse. Due to this, he decided to retire from his career, but with one final tour of his shows. Every show he performed had a standing ovation with a full audience.

Furthermore, In 2019, his fans made a short film by the name Always Amazing on the life of John. It covered his journey and his career and showed how much his fans loved him.


The lesson we learn from the life of Amazing Johnathan is that if you put your heart and soul into your work, people will respect you. Similarly when John performed his last show in Las Vegas, every show had a full audience standing ovation for him. People loved and respected him for his hard work in his career.


Q: How Old Is The Amazing Johnathan?

Ans: The Amazing Johnathan Is 61 Years Old

Q: How Tall Is The Amazing Johnathan?

Ans: Aamazing Johnathan Is 6′ 2″ (1.88 m) tall

Q: How Much Is The Amazing Johnathan Worth?

Ans: Amazing Johnathan currently has a worth of $15 million

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