Steven Tyler Net Worth And Some Interesting Facts In 2023

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NET WORTH:130$ Million
Earning Source:Singer And Songwriter
Date Of Birth:March 26, 1948
Birth Place:Stuyvesant Polyclinic
Wife:Aimee Preston
Height:1.77 m
Last Updated:2023

Steven Tyler Net Worth:

A net worth of about 130 million dollars marks Steven Tyler as one of the best singers of all time.

Steven Tallarico, the man of all traits, has lived a very successful life. Tyler is famous as the leader of the Aerosmith band. He has a gift of naturally high pitch nodes, which made him known as the Demon of Screamin’. Steven Tyler first came to fame during the 70s. The 70s were the era of rock and pop. Steven Tyler career as the lead singer of Aerosmith is one of the reasons for his net worth of 130 million dollars.

Steven Tyler Early Life

His passion for music came from his father, who was a musician and a music teacher in the local school. Steven Victor Tallarico was born on 26 March 1948 in Manhattan. But just when he was three years old, his family moved to the Bronx.

From the start, the singer had a troubled school life when he was expelled from his high school for drug abuse. Later after therapy, Steven graduated from Quintano’s School for Young Professionals. In 1969, Steven attended a small rock show in Sunapee, where he first saw his future bandmates, Tom Hamilton and Joe Perry. A year later, the three decided to form a band themselves and invited a couple of more friends. To better launch their careers as musicians, the group moved to Boston.

Steven Tyler Career

During the initial years of the band, Joey and Steven took charge and handled the band affairs related to setting up performances and assets. The band started working with managers David Krebs and Stevie Leber. Together they signed a contract with Columbia Records in 1972 and released their debut album in 1973. The song ‘Dream On’ written by Steven Tyler himself was the first minor success the band got. It was called as the top 6 songs of 1978. It was later followed by another high ten hits of ‘Walk This Way.’ 

The band went on global tours during the end of the 70s, performing for the live audience. Steven Tyler also debuted in a band based film ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’. Soon after this the tour started to wear the group down. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were taking heavy stimulants and drugs. Tyler’s drug abuse got worse during 1982, and he met a bike accident. It took him and the bandmates several years to get clean and start recording again. They release the top 20 hits of ‘Rag Doll’ and ‘Angel’ in 1987 and instantly became a hit. The band continued to release top albums

Steven Tyler Family

Steven Tyler was born to Victor A. Tallarico and Susan Ray in New York. Mr. Tallarico was a Music teacher at Roman Catholic High School in the Bronx. Lynda Hasz is his older sister and only sibling. He had four kids. The eldest, Liz Tyler, is a talented actress who was in Lord of the Rings and many other hit movies and TV shows. She is 42 years old. The second one Mia Tyler, 41 years old, worked as a model, actress, and writer. She also took part in acting and modeling. Taj Monroe Tallarico also happens to be an actor. He is 29 years old.

Steven Tyler has had a long dating history with two failed marriages and an ex-fiance. He is also father to four kids.

In 1960s, Steven Tyler and Michele Overman were the high school sweethearts. He also had an encounter with Deborah Benson. From 1969-1971 American Socialite Lynn Collins and Steven were a couple. Boston radio personality Maxanne Sartori had a contact with Steven too.

Steven Tyler Wife

In 1975, his life took a turn after he became the guardian of Julia Holcomb. Both of them lived in Boston and dated until 1978. Brenda Cooper also had a relationship with Steven from mid of the 1070’S till 1978. Moreover, Carol Miller, who is an American radio personality and disc jockey, revealed her encounters with Steven Tyler in the 1970s.

Bebe Buell holds a vital position in Steven’s life. She gave birth to his daughter Liv Tyler on 1 July 1977, but he got to know this a decade later. Jo Jo Laine and Steven Tyler had an affair in the 1980s. Steven was finally ready to marry when he fell in love with Cyrinda Foxe, and they got married in 1978. Cyrinda gave birth to his daughter Mia Tyler on 22 December 1978 in Santa Monica, California. Steven divorced her in Nov 1897 because both of them became drug addicts.

Teresa Barrick and Tyler first dated in 1987, they tied the knot in 1988 but later got divorced in January 2006. The couple had two children, a girl and a boy. Chelsea Anna Tallarico was born on 6 March 1989. Meanwhile, Taj Monroe Tallarico was born on 30 January 1991.

Steven Tyler started dating Elizabeth Jagger. Carly Simon and Steven also had an encounter in August 2005. Erin Brady and Steven dated in 2006. But this relationship could not work out either and Steven broke up with her in January 2013. in 2014, He also dated Aimee Preston later that year.

Steven Tyler Age And Height

Steven Tyler is about 1.71 meters tall, which makes 5 feet and 6 inches tall. He is 75 years old and will soon turn 76 in the end of March (26 March)

Steven Tyler Social Media Accounts 

Steven Tyler is present on Instagram with the username @iamstevent with 2.2 million followers.

Even more, he has a Twitter account as @IamStevenT with 1.7 million followers along with a Facebook page with over 3 million likes named as Steven Tyler.

Lifestyle and House Of Steven Tyler

With a net worth of $130 million, Steven Tyler lives a very comfortable life. Steven Tyler lives in a lavish house in Marshfield, MA. His other property is in California, LA. He purchased this property himself in 2011. 

Steven Tyler Famous Songs and Album

As part of the Aerosmith band, Steven Tyler released many successful songs. Furthermore, In 2012 alone, the singer managed to make $12 million from his albums and $10 million as a judge on American Idol.

  • Dream On: Steven Tyler wrote this song before the formation of the Aerosmith band. Later the song became the cover for the first album of the group. It became an instant success and was in the top 49 songs of 1973. Steven Tyler himself decided the lyrics and composition for this song.
  • Draw the Line: The song was recorded during the years of the stardom of Steven Tyler. The band recorded the album in 1977 and was successful because of their fame. Fans went crazy for the punk rock music combination of this song. The group introduced a new genre to its fans by combining pop-rock and punk. The band also invested millions of dollars on the song equipment.
  • Walk This Way: The song was recorded after the band got together again in 1985. This song said to have made history as it was the first-ever combination of rock and hip hop. The release of this song broke records. It became the first rap single on the top 10 Billboards and first platinum LP. The song alone refined the pop-rock track for the younger fans.
  • Dude (Looks like a Lady): This was the first song after their coming together as a band and sold more than 40,000 copies within a few weeks of release. The song also earned the band international fame that they never received before during the ’70s. It was Steven Tyler’s idea to try things the new way this time. He convinced the band to try new songwriters for the mix, and it turned out to be fantastic! 

Interesting Facts About Steven Tyler

  • Due to the success of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler’s name is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Nine out of fourteen albums by Steven Tyler are platinum or multiplatinum.
  • His single “I don’t want to miss a thing” made no.1 on the US top 100 Billboard and was in the movie ‘Armageddon.’
  • His band was the first rock band ever to star in The Simpsons. 
  • He was also a judge on The American Idol from 2011 to 2012. He made $10 million in 2012 from the job. 


‘If you dare to pursue your passion, success is yours.’ This is the lesson we learn from the career of Steven Tyler. From a young age, the artist knew his true calling. Even after battling with drug abuse, Tyler got back on his feet. He trusted his bandmates enough to go back again and to give Aerosmith another chance. The vocals he had was just one of his many gifts. The other included his eye for talented people. His talent landed him the job as a judge on American Idol. This is the reason, Steven Tyler has a net worth of 130$ Million. 


Q: Who Is Married To Steven Tyler?

Ans: Steven Tyler Is Married To Aimee Preston.

Q: How Old Is Steven Tyler Now?

Ans: Steven Tyler Is 74 Years Old.

Q: What Is Steven Tyler Net Worth?

Ans: He Has A Net Worth Of 130$ Million.

Q: Did Steven Tyler Have Children’s?

Ans: Yes, Steven Tyler has four children.

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