Jake Paul Net Worth And Some Interesting Facts

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Jake Paul Net Worth: $19 Million

Have you ever wondered how much money you can make by just making a simple video? These days definitely in millions! Today we are talking about Jake Paul, brother of famous Youtuber Logan Paul. But that’s not what he only is! Jake Paul himself is a vlogger, actor, and now a singer. Now, if you can create content like him, be ready to roll in money- No kidding! Because as of 2020, Jake Paul Net Worth stands at almost $19 Million! Now that’s what you call a dream.

The 27-year-old blonde started his career from Vine, and it wasn’t much later that he rose to fame. The path he chose after his elder brother gave him a fan following of millions. Even when Vine closed down, Jake took a turn towards Youtube and, since then, has managed to gain over 19 million followers. That’s not where his talent is limited to, some of you might have even seen him showcasing his expertise on a Disney show called Bizaardvark.

Honestly, it is high time the rest of us take proper advantage of this technology and start putting ourselves out there. What if we are the next millionaires? But before we get all our hopes up, let’s get to know more about our celebrity. Who is he? What does he do? About his life and those hundreds in his bank account!

Jake Paul’s Early Life and Career:

The boy with dirty blonde hair was born in Ohio, Cleaveland, the USA, on 17 January 1997. He is the younger brother of another famous Youtuber, Logan Paul. Jake was born to mother Pamela Ann Stepnick and father Gregory Allan Paul though the parents separated; however, the Youtube star claims he dealt with it pretty well. Jake has an ethnic combination of Irish, English, Welsh, Jewish, and Scottish.

In his childhood, Jake also discovered his love for sports while practicing football that also explains his recent Youtube videos of wrestling. It was the same time that the camera he got to record his playing shots was used to record his videos and led him on his journey of becoming a Youtube sensation. Being a son of a military officer, Jake also tried his luck in training for the navy.

Jake Paul’s Height and Age:

Full Name: Jake Alexander Paul

Date of Birth: 17 January 1997

Age: 27 Years

Height: 179.7 cm/ 5ft 10

Net worth: $19 Million

Source of Income: Youtube, Acting, and Business

Jake Paul’s Career:

Jake Paul began his career in the entertainment industry following the path of his elder brother Logan Paul. He began filming skits and short acts on Vine, which helped him gain fame and fans. Soon, the young boy from Ohio had millions of followers loving and supporting him. But when Vine shut down, Jake didn’t put a halt to his work but switched his career to Youtube, which later became the prime source of his earning. One of his interesting and controversial videos, including having his time in the White House.

His Youtube career also opened several other doors for Jake, and in 2015 he began his acting career on the Disney show called Bizaardvark. However, the show and related stunts caused a lot of troubles and controversy; the channel later canceled the show.  During this time, Jake also had appearances in other shows, including The Monroe, in 2016. He had a few guest appearances and even had some parts in films, including Dance Camp and Mono.

Now, if you think this 27-year-old guy has limited his skills just to Youtube and acting, then you are wrong! Jake Paul also went ahead with singing, and not only that, but he also showcased his talent in his entrepreneurial ventures. Jake has his merch and a company called Team 10. Team 10 helps in marketing young influencers and vloggers while enhancing the entertainment industry for the young entrants. Adam Zeplain and Horizons Alpha were one of his leading investors.

Is there anything left that Jake Paul can’t do? No doubt, this guy made millions before hitting 25!

Jake Paul’s Personal Life:

Now comes the exciting part of his personal life. Like many other internet sensations, Jake had a fair share of ups and downs in his love life. His first noticeable relationship was with the member of his Team 10, Alissa. The two had a year-long involvement before they parted their ways in quite a messy way!

Next, there were some speculations regarding Jake having a relationship with another Team 10 member Tessa but the two never confirmed, and soon Tessa left the team. Jake paul then started dating his assistant Erika, and the two became a power couple and were named Jerika. They stayed together for one and a half year and created their fair share of hype – fake relationship alert!- but it wasn’t much later that Jake did claim that the two were in a real relationship, which ended because of differences. Nevertheless, Erika was supportive of Jake while he faced criticism.

In 2019, Jake started dating another Youtuber Tana Mongeau after Tana broke up with her ex-boyfriend due to his infidelity. The two first casually flirted and joked about their relationship on their channels, but there was a rumor of them being married in Las Vegas. Their relationship created confusion for not only the fans but even their close friends for a long while. The pair finally made a live video of their wedding, and the fans paid to watch it!

This happiness was very short-lived because, at the beginning of 2020, the couple announced they are parting their ways but are very much best friends. The two want to focus on their careers and are deciding to part their ways. Tana gets half of his wealth, including the Lamborghini!

Jake Paul Net Worth:

As of 2020, Jake Paul has reported having a total net worth of $19 Million. It is impressive how much you can make just by putting yourself out there! There are many cars which make up the total net worth of this 23-year-old blonde guy. Some of his cars include Aventador, Ford Focus RS, Lamborghini, and a truck! Whoop! Isn’t that impressive or not? He also owns a mansion, which he shares with his Team 10 members.

All of this has made Jake Paul the highest-paid Youtuber by Business Insider, getting his name up to the second position. And we can only expect Jake to grow in 2020 as well!

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Source of Income:

  • Youtube
  • Merchandize
  • Team 10

These are the primary sources of his income that helped him reach the level of his success and achieved the fan base, which is only growing. His growing Youtube family, Team 10, merchandize, and branding have played a massive part in getting him where he is today. He makes over $15,000 in a day just through Youtube views.

Moreover, Team 10 has helped him gain multiple investors and has proved to be a fruitful platform for beginners. Jake takes up 30% of the income his members make. Lastly, it is also his merchandize that plays a significant part in his income.

Jake Paul Social Media Accounts:

  • 1. Youtube:

His primary source of interaction is Youtube, where he has almost 20 million subscribers and over 70 billion views. Good lord! That’s ten times more than the population of the planet. You can use it to estimate that he makes over $5 million in a year. Wow!

  • 2. Instagram:

On his Instagram, he has been able to gain popularity and now has 13 million followers. He is quite active on his Instagram page.

  • 3. Twitter:

It is not just Youtube or Instagram, but on twitter, he has above 3 million followers.

  • 4. Tiktok:

Jake Paul has also been successful in gaining his fair share of the audience on Tiktok. He now has a following of almost 7 million. This guy only knows how to make it to millions, be it followers or the dollars!


If you think someone out there is waiting for you to come and earn, that is probably not the case! We are living in a fast-paced life where everything is in our reach, and at times it isn’t, but it all depends on how you perceive it. If you are someone who shies away from risk and criticism, then there will never be a way for you to find out how to excel in your life. Jake Paul, in his early twenties, learned how to ignore what people think and do what he believes in and look where that got him!

Jake Paul Net Worth Is $19 Million As Of 2020


Q: What Is Jake Paul Net Worth?

Ans: He Has A Net Worth Of 19$ Million.

Q: Who Was The First Youtuber?

Ans: Jawed Karrim Posted The First Video And He Is The First Youtuber On Youtube.

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