Barbara Corcoran Net Worth And Some Interesting Facts

NET WORTH:80$ Million
Earning Source:Business Woman
Date Of Birth:March 10, 1949
Birth Place:Edgewater, New Jersey, United States
Husband:Bill Higgins
Height:5 ft 5 in
Last Updated:2020

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth Stands At 80$ Million As Of 2020

She is an American born who has her hand in various fields. Not only is she a businesswoman. But also a syndicated columnist. Consultant, speaker, TV personality, Investor, and author. Barbara is a hardworking, self-made multi-millionaire. Who started a business from scratch with only a mere $1000 that she borrowed from her then-boyfriend.

She grew the Corcoran group real estate brokerage and later sold it in 2001 at an impressive $ 66 million to NRT. Barbara wanted to have enough time to concentrate on her newborn baby. Barbara is currently a TV personality on ABC’s Shark Tank as a Shark investor. She has been on the show for nine seasons. Barbara Corcoran has managed to accumulate massive wealth, and her net worth as of 2020 stands at a whopping $80 million.

Barbara Corcoran Early Life

She was born on the 10th of March 1949 in Edgewater, New Jersey. She went to a local Catholic elementary school before proceeding to St, Cecilia high school in Englewood. Barbara only studied there for her freshman year and later transferred to Leonora high school. She moved to St. Thomas Aquinas high school. Where she graduated with a degree in Education.

After graduation, she tried working in her field by teaching for one year. But it seemed she wanted something better. So she quit teaching and tried various other jobs, including renting apartments in New York as a side job and waitress.

While working as a waitress, she met her then-boyfriend, Simon, who later convinced her to work for a real estate company. She agreed and moved to Griffins brothers’ real estate in New York as a receptionist. Simon was kind enough to lend her $ 1000, and together they co-founded a business that they named Corcoran-Simon.

After seven years of their relationship, her boyfriend told her that he was going to marry her secretary, this prompted them to split you the company, and she formed her own company, The Corcoran Group. In the mid-1970s, she started publishing the Corcoran report, a newsletter that covered real estate trends in New York City.

Barbara Corcoran Career

In 2001 when she became a mother, she wanted to have enough time to concentrate her baby; it prompted her to sell her company at an impressive 66 million to NRT. She decided to contest in season five of Dancing with stars in 2017 and chose KeoMotsepe as her partner. Unfortunately, they were the first couple to be eliminated.

Barbara hosts the millionaire broker with Barbara Corcoran, a show that contributes to real estate business, on CNBC; she is also a weekly columnist in NY daily news and author with some books under her name. She is also a judge on the Shark Tank show for nine seasons now.

Barbara Corcoran Husband And Family 

Barbara was born to an Irish family and is the second born of ten siblings. Her father was a printing press foreman while her mother was a housewife.

After having a failed seven-year relationship with Simon, Barbara married the love of her life Bill Higgins in 1988. Bill is a retired Navy captain who also participated in the Gulf war. After seven years of failed attempts of In Vitro fertilization, her sister Elizabeth donated an egg to her, Lucky enough the IVF was successful, and she held her bundle of joy, Tom, in 1994 at 49 years old. Later on, the couple adopted a baby girl and named her Katie.

Barbara Corcoran Height and Age

Having been born on the 10th of March 1949, Barbara has been lucky enough to live for seven decades, and she is now seventy-one years old. She stands at five feet, five inches tall, and weighs 55kgs. She dresses elegantly and looks younger than her age.

Barbara Corcoran Social Media Accounts

Despite her age, Barbara Corcoran is very active on social media with three social media accounts. She uses these accounts to post business-related matters, especially real estate. She has amassed a mass following for herself as follows.

· Twitter- Her twitter handle is @BarbaraCorcoran and has 732.8k followers.

· Facebook- She uses her name, Barbara Corcoran. She has a following of 480,995.

· Instagram- Find her @barbaracorcoran; she has managed 562.8k followers.

Barbara Corcoran Earning Sources

Barbara is a smart lady who has various sources of income, as shown below.

  • She made an immense income from her real estate company and later sold it at a striking $ 66 million in 2001.
  • Barbra is an author; she has some books to her name, including “If You Don’t Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons on Your Pigtails. She is also a weekly columnist in the New York daily news magazine.
  • Barbara also makes some cash from various TV shows such as Shark Tank show where she is a judge and an investor, a real estate contributor on Good Morning America, and Fox TV as a political contributor.
  • From all these sources of income, Barbara  Corcoran has managed to accumulate a net worth of $80 million as of 2020.

Barbara Corcoran Lifestyle And House

Due to her multi-millionaire status, many people expect that Barbara leads a lavish lifestyle; unfortunately, not much is in the limelight about how she lives or what cars she owns. All we know is that she spends much on her clothing because she has to dress it.

When it comes to houses, Barbara owns a lovely four-bedroom penthouse on 5th Avenue, Manhattan. It is not clear whether she has other dwellings or not.

Barbara Corcoran Famous Works And Some Facts

  • The successful Barbara Corcoran was not an A student. She scored D’s. While in Junior high, she did over 20 menial jobs, including caring for the old.
  • The successful real estate lady graduated with a degree in Education.
  • It started a company with only $1000 and sold it at $ 66 million.
  • She is an investor and a judge at Shark Tank and once made $ 30 million in only 11/2 years with an investment of $50, 000.
  • She had seven failed in vitro fertilization. Her sister donated an egg for her, and it was successful.


Q: What Is The Net Worth Of Barbara Corcoran?

Ans: She Has A Net Worth Of 80$ Million.

Q: How Did Barbara Corcoran Make His Money?

Ans: She made an immense income from her real estate company and later sold it at a striking $ 66 million in 2001.

Q: How Old Is Barbara Corcoran?

Ans: Barbara Corcoran Is 74 Years Old.

Q: Who Barbara Corcoran Is Married To?

Ans: Barbara Corcoran Is Married To Bill Higgins

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